Zero Knowledge Proof Is Connecting
The World.

Trapdoor tries to connect the world with Zero Knowledge Proof through zk-SNARK/STARK application/solutions


The programmability of ZKP can be enhanced by zkVM. zkVM can help developers build their applications fast and secure. Trapdoor Tech is trying to build zkVM suitable for ZKP constraint system.

ZKP Acceleration

ZKP proving performance is the pain. To scale ZKP applications, Trapdoor Tech provides GPU/FPGA performance acceleration solution.

ZKP Applications

Trapdoor Tech builds ZKP gadgets and helps customers build their ZKP applications efficiently. And Trapdoor Tech ties to report any found vulnerabilities to keeping ZKP applications secure.
Welcome to ZKP developer community

If you are a developer, peer, or ecological partner in the zero-knowledge proof industry, welcome to join our community and jointly promote the ecological development of ZKP.


Zero Knowledge Proof — Introduction to SP1 zkVM Source Code


Deep into AVM (Aleo Virtual Machine)


Zero Knowledge Proof — FPGA or GPU?


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We come from leading Internet companys, focus on ZKP research for several years, and are committed to making our own contributions to the long-term development of the ecology.

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Connecting the world with ZKP